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SSR's Case Study.
In Social Arena
Aug 25, 2020
On June 14, SSR's servant Dipesh was wearing shorts before taking Sushant's body and now in this CCTV footage we can see he is wearing full pants. (He got time for changing somewhere near the crime scene?)Here is another new fact coming up that on his shorts we can see blood... How is that even possible? according to Mumbai police SSR died because of hanging and there is no way that anyone would've a blood marks on anyone's clothes at least after a suicide took place due to hanging. In this picture you guys can see that on Sushant's neck there is a mark. According to Mumbai Police that mark is due to hanging with rope/his own clothes. But!! Don't you guys think that it is in a perfect shape like a stripe. I saw a video on YouTube showing a man talking to Sushant's spirit & He was talking to him(SSR)... I don't know whether it is real or fake, but yes form there i got a clue that this perfect stripe shape is of Fudge's (SSR's pet dog) collar. I don't know how many of you've seen this video but in this a police constable is clearly saying "teyecha haat halto ahhey" means Sushant's hand was moving. According to few #Warrior4SSR people, he was first alive and later killed in the ambulance or else in the Cooper Hospital itself. But the truth is, It happens after the death of people due to some inner chemical selective reasons which applies in SSR's case. Here, in this picture we all can see that there is blood on Sushant's shorts which apparently may also be seen on Dipesh's shorts which were later not found. And there was also an serious injury on Sushant's stomach which also have a straight shape, looks like injury due to rod. One more fact which comes up is, in that time period Siddharth Pithani (SSR's flatmate) got an injury on his head. Now, this scene took place on SSR's flat and some obvious questions were asked by the media... And then, those questions were answered... But now this case has taken a big turn and has gone through many places and again, when the same questions were asked media received answers but none of them matched... And when things were going so crazy about this case & different name came up like Reah Chakraborty, Mahesh Bhatt, Siddhart Pilani, Suraj Pancholi, Aditya Thakrey, & many more... that time a twist came up one of the neighbor gave false statement and was trying to mislead media & public. But fortunately few of her friends recognized her and posted that she's sister of Reah's best friend (Soheel Lalwani). And, in the end we can see a grand twist that has forced almost the entire nation to be shocked. Videos from SSR's death case were leaked and few of Mumbai based Theater actors recognized one of the police men and told that this man used to give auditions with us in casting offices. Well, that is not confirmed yet that these people seen in the crime scene are actually the pointed actors... but it soon'll, & if the reports comes positive this case will surely reach some another level height, maybe the worst & complicated cases in India. Following is one of the recognized/pointed actors: #Warriors4SSR #Satyamevjayte
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